Our best selling hoodie comes in over 80 awesome colours and has a choice of 17 exclusive leavers designs.

We are the UK's favourite school leaver hoodie supplier. We produce leavers hoodies & sweatshirts for schools, colleges and universities all around the UK.
Our aim is to offer the absolute best price and quality mix available whilst delivering the best customer service.

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1. Leavers Designs

We have a wide range of 2023 designs to choose from. We can also custom design and tailor hoodies to suit your own design.

2. Print Colour

We have a whole selection of print colours available for you to choose from. However we do usually print white onto most coloured hoodies but a colour change may be required for light coloured garments.
We do ask because of the work involved that you choose one main print colour for the whole order and one colour change can be permitted for the light hoodies.

Artic White
Jet Black
Flame Red
Royal Blue
Sun Yellow
Kelly Green
French Navy
Orange Crush
Cornflower Blue
Sky Blue

3. Hoodie Styles

The perfect leavers hoodies available in various styles of pullover & zipped hoodies.

collge hoodie
JH001 - Unisex College Hoodie
JH01F - Girlie College Hoodie
kids college hoodie
JH01J - Kids College Hoodie
JH003 - Unisex Varsity Hoodie
JH03J- Kids Varsity Hoodie
JH050 - Unisex Zipped Hoodie
JH055 - Girlie Zipped Hoodie
JH50j - Kids Zipped Hoodie
JH053 - Varsity Zipped Hoodie
JH53J - Kids Varsity Zipped Hoodie
JH030 - Unisex College Sweatshirt
JH30J - Kids College Sweatshirt
JH043 - Unisex Varsity Jacket
JH43J - Kids Varsity Jacket
CR01 - Classic Hoodie
W72 - Premium Hoodie
W72k - Kids Premium Hoodie
W73 - Premium Contrast Hoodie
W73K - Kids Premium Contrast Hoodie
W88 - Premium Zipped Hoodie
W88K - Kids Premium Zipped Hoodie

4. Personalisation Options

We can print or embroider as many of these options you require

school leaver hoodies
Full Chest Print Spot Colour
school leaver hoodies
Printed or Embroidered Breast Name
school leaver hoodies
Printed Sleeve Name
school leaver hoodies
Printed Name Above or Below The 22 Design

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